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I am sorry but I am going to leave deviantart but don't worry I'm going to have a user name kinda like mine so it's going to be

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James: *sobs*

Cyro: *just finished defeating shsdow*  " wha?....James?...."

James: " C-cyro what r u doing
h-here?..." *sobs*

Cyro: " I'm afraid I can't answer that my question is why r u crying?..."

James: " it's j-just I-I just remembered a flash back years ago wen I was young..." *sob* leave me alone..."

Cyro: " no I won't leave u....tell me what was it about?..."

James: *sits up and wipes his tears away* okay I was young and I was taken away by G.U.N and my parents were both tested and my father holds the great powers of the Chaos Emerald & The Master Emerald as well...

Cyro: " what is his name kryto?..."

James: yes and they took my and my parents powers away...and gave it to someone called shadow the hedgehog and that's why he can control time and space I can do that to but if me and shadow do it at the same time then this whole world will collapse..."

Cyro: " oh I see well dont cry ill speak with shadow and get ur and ur parents powers back...." *helps him James up*

James: " lets go save my parents..." *runs to G.U.N base and Cyro follows him to the door*

Cyro: " allow me to do this..." *takes a step forward and is infront the door*

James: "my pleasure..."

Cyro: " thanks hmm....CHAOS SPEAR!..."

*door falls and both walk in*

James: " hmm...lets find the general and lets speak to him..."*runs to the computer rooms*

Cyro: " ha! I demand to speak with the general..."

GUN soldier: " leave the room now!..."*everyone leaves the room and the general comes inside*

General: " how dare u two come here!"

Cyro: " where's shadow!"

General: " I won't tell u!"

Cyro: " gah! I always hate it when ur mean to me!" *grabs him in the throat* tell me where the HELL IS HE!!!"

James: " LET HIM GO CYRO!"

Cyro: " fine..." *lets him go*

James: " we need to go to A.R.K..."

Cyro: " chaos control!..."

*warp to a.r.k*

Cyro: where the hell is shadow?"

James: " relax dude he's here I know it..."

Cyro: " fine lets go..," *runs to each room* UGH!!! He's not here!

James: " follow me I think I know where he's at..."*runs in to a tall,big and strange room*

Cyro: " where r we?"

James: " we r in the same room where shadow was created and took my and my parents damn powers!!!"

Shadow: " well it's nice of u to drop off..."*smirks*

James: " where r they! I DEMAND TO KNOW!!!!"

Shadow: " ha! I'm not telling u!"
*go next to a lever and puts his hand on it* do u remember what this lever dose?..."

James: " don't u dare pull it!"

Shadow: " I don't think so..."*pulls the lever and the ray gets ready for aim*

James: "shadow!!! Come on Cyro he can't get more powerful!"*

Cyro: " wait do u mean that he's gunna turn into a gia-?"

James: " YES! I can't let him touch it!

Cyro: " I'm coming!"

Shadow: " get away from me!" *Pushes James away and runs infront of the ray*

Cyro: " DONT U DARE TOUCH THAT RAY!!!" *pushes shadow and gets not by the ray* j-James follow shadow!"

James: " okay!" *gollows shadow and can hear Cyro scream* shadow get back here!!!"

Shadow: " I don't think so!!!"

James: " u better look out!" *stops running*

Shadow: " wha?! *bumps in a wall*
What is this?..."

James: " hello Cyro again..." *waves to cyro*

Shadow: " what?! *looks up and saw GIANT cyro* oh my god??! CyRo?!"

Cyro: " well what do we have here?"*taps his foot and crosses his arm*

Shadow: " u can never stop me!"*runs the other way but gets blocked again* AWW!!!! COME On!!!

Cyro: " give his and his parents powers back!..."

Shadow: " oh yeah... What r u gunna do to me!"

Cyro: " or ill do this to u..."*grabs his leg and lifts him up to look at him more clearly*

Shadow: " PUT ME DOWN I DEMAND!!!"

Cyro: " ill will only u'll give his and his parents powers back..."

Shadow: " fine..."

Cyro: " okay." *puts him down and shadows give his powers back and his parents as well*

James: " finally there back..."

Shadow: " u guys can leave..."

James: " okay...Cyro will u send my parents where ever they r and us back home?..."

Cyro: " okay...chaos control!"


Kryto: "James thank u..."

James: " ur welcome..."

Cyro: " how am I going to get back 2 normal?..."

James: " I don't know I have to talk to tails first..."

Cyro: " okay then..."

Prt 1
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Ok so I think I am gothic cuz I wear black and I listen to alternive musik and I hate pink...nooooooo!!!! I don't want to be gothic it feels to depressing!... :(
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Ok so I think I am gothic cuz I wear black and I listen to alternive musik and I hate pink...nooooooo!!!! I don't want to be gothic it feels to depressing!... :(
Shadow: " Cyro I had ENOUGH!..."

Cyro: " I won't stop unless u give me the emerald..."*puts his hand out*

Shadow: "not unless u get it OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!..."

Cyro: "fine is this a challenge!"

Shadow: " yes it is take it or LEAVE! "

Cyro: "...fine..." *punches shadows in the ribs*

Shadow: said weakly " r not getting the Chaos Emerald Cyro!"
*pushes him to the wall and pins him*

Cyro: " I think ur a IDOIT!!!"

Shadow: "wha..." *turns around and saw nothing*

Cyro: "idiot!" *trips him and turns to demon form*

Shadow: " ha! U think u can stop me buy THAT!"

Cyro: " no but this will! " *ready to attack him but misses* "WHAT?!?"

James: " RUN SHADOW!!! "

Shadow: " James leave this is not ur fight! "

James: " but this is worth SAVING MY FRIEND!!!" *pushes Cyro to the wall and turns into dark form*

Shadow: " James leave! "

Cyro: " u idiot see what u turned into now u have to die! " *punches him hard*

James: " u just made the wrong mistake Cyro..." *takes out his long devil tail and turns into a demon*

Shadow: " wait JAMES!!! " *runs to cyro*

James: " prepare to DIE!! " *attacks but misses and looks at shadow mad* " WHAT R U DOING!!! "

Shadow: " don't kill him! "  *helps Cyro up*

Cyro: " shadow what r u doing?!? I thought u were going to kill me? "

Shadow: " I been working with the wrong guy lets finish him... "

Cyro: " alright lets do it! " *runs to James and shadow as well*

James: " FOOLS U CAN'T DEFEAT ME IM A DEMON!... " *gets his tail ready to attack at Cyro again*

Shadow: " watch out Cyro! "

Cyro: " I AM!!! " * dodges the attack and runs behind James and scratches him*

James: " GAHHH!!! U FOOL! "

Shadow: " I think UR the fool! "  *shoot James in the heart*

James: " ugh!... " *falls and died*

Cyro: " thanks... "

Shadow: " ur welcome but I knew James was bad he's the one who framed me once and he deserved to die... "

Cyro: " now u work for me... "

Shadow: " yes... "

Prt 1 I don't own Cyro James belongs to me and shadow belongs to sega...
Give credit to cryos owner witch is theatomobombo35
I want to test as many people I can and if u get the words right then u will revive a SPECIAL gift...

Song: unknown and guess what it's called...:)

Heute Nacht bin ich so allein
Dieser Kummer hält an
Lass mich hier nicht so kalt zurück
Wollte nie so kalt sein

Deine Beruhrung war immer so gut
Deine Beruhrung brachte mich immer zum Leben
Ich habe die ganze Zeit gewartet, Ich habe soviel Zeit verschwended

Lass mich nicht allein
Denn Ich sehe fast alles
Lass mich nicht allein, Ich

Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zurück gehen

Traume von der Art wie es benutzt wurde
Kannst du mich hören
Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zuruck gehen
Falle ins Nichts
Falle rein, falle rein ins Nichts

Du warst meine Quelle der Stärke
Ich habe alles getauscht
was ich geliebt habe fur diesen einen Gegenstand
Scheiterte an dem Angebot
Lass mich nicht einfach so hier
Kann den Schrei aus der Hölle nicht hören
Und nun wünschte ich fur dich meine Begierde

Lass mich nicht allein denn Ich sehe fast alles
Lass mich nicht allein

Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zurück gehen

Traume von der Art wie es benutzt wurde
Kannst du mich hören
Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zurück gehen
Falle ins Nichts
Falle rein, falle rein ins Nichts
Nichts Nichts Nichts

Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen

Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zurück gehen

Dreaming of the way it used to be
Kannst du mich hören
Falle ins Nichts
Rutsche durch die Bruchstellen
Falle in die Tiefen kann Ich jemals zurück gehen
Falle rein ins Nichts (kannst du mich hören?)
Falle rein ins Nichts (kannst du mich hören?)
Falle rein ins Nichts (kannst du mich hören?)
Falle rein
Falle rein, falle rein ins Nichts
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U have been tagged individual...
U have to answer 5 easy and embarrassing question well here they are...

1. Did u ever blushed a lot in ur life before? Yes and no...

2. Did u kiss before?
Umm...not that I can remember...

3. what type if gurl/guy would u love to get? Funny,loving and really special dude...^ ^

4.did u ever kissed during school?
Nope not yet...

5.whats the first thing that pops up in ur head wen I say: I fucked sonadow up!

I tag...
Tagged by shadicthewerepup

U have been tagged individual...
U have to answer 8 easy and embarrassing question well here they are...

1. Do u have sum1 special in ur life?

2. Did u kiss before?
Umm...not that I can remember...

3. If u r hot then what type if gurl/guy u will get?
Oh omg I am not hot!...:|

4.r u gay or lesbian?...
No none...

5.whats the first thing that pops up in ur head wen I say: shi*...

6.r u married?...
No... many chances that u FAILED big time?...
Wen I was young and I acted stupid.

8.if u love sum1 wat will u plan to do with them?
I have nobody and if I do then ill give them a gift and run away....

*Runs away from shadow and enters eggsmans base*

Sonic: tails?!?...I think he's in here...lets find here...

Tails: I told her to stay here and she's not here...

Sonic: gwad this girl dosent know how to stay put AT ALL....

Tails: *flys with sonic while he's running and almost falls into a deep hole* WHOA....BECAREFUL sonic!...

Sonic: sorry I did not see that...*falls to the ground safely*

Tails: is this a giant SHOE PRINT?!?!

Sonic: I think so... Get DNA and tell me where it came from and be careful...

Tails: I will be ok!*flys down to the shoe print and grabbed some DNA and notices something on his shoe and grabs it*

Tails: what is this?...

Amy: hey BECAREFUL were u step u almost killed me!!!

Tails: Amy?!?! How did u get tiny!!?...

Amy: long story go to sonic!

Tails: alright geez!...
*flys bak to sonic*

Tails: I found ur minature girlfreind...

Sonic: wtf...AMY how did u get small?!

Tails: she said its a long story...

amy: anyways lets find eggman he did this to me?!

Tails: shut it pie hole! *opens his bag*

Amy: oh don't u DARE PUT ME IN THERE TAILS!!!!

Tails: just have some fun...*puts her in the bag and the DNA samples as well and closes his bag*

Sonic: well lets find egg man! *runs outside and looks 4 shadic and shadow*

Prt 9
Okay so if u already read my journal then I'm sorry for all the bad this that happened and I will NEVER do it again...Bless myself and god 4 being here today and seeing the light of our father...
Dear friends,
I'm sorry if I said anything mean to u...I TRULY take it back and 2.i am happy that IM alive still instead of being shot in my mind...and calling myself a pycho cuz...I'm not a pycho if u do not know wat that means then it means: a crazy person that thinks unicorns are real and they can touch them...weird huh...
Sorry about that ltr this year I might be tagging a LOT of people so be warned...-_•# sorry i think I sound like a IDOIT......and that's all I wanted to say good day every1 who is reading this right now...:p
Ok so in my past I was sad a I suffered a lot cuz of my grandparents in Mexico THEN I learned how to hack into stuff and I didnt want to do unless people make me get so FUCKING PISSED OFF that I mess up there profile but I'm done doing that so I retired...anyways I was abandon like a million times...ltr in my years I was pointed I'm the head with my grandpas shotgun oh gwad the PAIN HURTS!...then (saying this again)
I got beat up...but I beat up the same chicks ass and I got pissed at her and broke her INFORMATION DO NOT MAKE ME PISSED OR'LL ILL FIND U...JK but just don't make me mad I hate being mad and bossy...
Hello if u see me as a fun girl that loves sonic or shadow then ur in the right place BUT BE WARNED I AM A HACKER BUT I DONT HACK INTO STUFF ANYMORE IT'S BORRING WITH CODES AND CHEATS IT FUCKING BORING!!!!
Anyways...if a hacker hacked into urs OR others people's profile then I can take care of it I used to be a hacker but not any more it got boring if ur getting hacked go to ur profile and save everything u have in a SD card of a special file called k.o.h.o...

K.O.H.O!!! I live by this code and ONLY this is my code so if u want to hack in my profile then ill see u there and ill WILL SPEAK TO U!
..........HACKERS LOVE HACKING.......
Sonic: lets go!

Tails: alright geez! U have no pa-....
*looks scared at him*

Sonic: r u al- *gets interrupted*

Shadow ur coming with me...*dosent noticed that they were there and steps next to them*

Sonic: WHOA?!?!Is that AMY?!?!?

Amy: SONIC!!!!HELP ME!!!

Shadow: ur here! *turns around and runs after sonic and grabs him*HA! Who's the fastest thing alive now?...*smirks at him then crushes him in his hand*

Sonic: owe! LET ME GO U DEMON!!!

Amy: sonic! Shadow! Let him go!!*looks at his eyes and looks aggressive at him*

Shadow: I...I Amy? *gets mad again* Amy!! U traitor!*drops her*

Amy: sonic! Help me! Ahh!!!!

Sonic: tails get her I'm coming!!! *bites shadows hand hard*

Shadow: OWW!!! U FAKER WHATCH WEN I GET U! *runs after him then saw shadic run to his side and shadic takes him down*

Shadic: go get her safe! *punches shadow in the chest*HOW FO U LIKE IT WEN U BEAT ME UP!!!!!*throws him to the ground again*

Shadow: GRAH!!! *gets up and punches shadic in the face*

Shadic: *wipes his nose and his hand is filled with blood* UGH! I HATE U NOW GO BACK TO UR REGULAR SIZE!!! *punches him but misses his target*

Sonic: Amy follow tails And tell dr.eggman if he can make a shrinking antidote! And hurry!!!! *runs to help shadic*

Amy: sonic!!! *follows tails and ran to eggs mans base*




Sonic: ILL MAKE U EAT THOSES WORDS!!!*runs to shadow*
Sonic: it's ok just be more careful with me and my friend...

Shadic: I'm sorry...hey it's getting late and I can't walk home I'm too tierd lets sleep here?...

Tails: it's ok with me...*looks at sonic* do u want to stay here?...

Sonic: yeah lets get sum rest *climbs shadic and gets on is chest fur and curls up into a ball and snored slightly*

Sonic: Z  z  z  z....

Tails: wow...he was that tierd?...

Shadic: I guess so....*looks at tails  and sat up*

Shadic: tails...come on u need to rest...*grabs him and puts his close to his face and felled asleep*

Tails: good night sonic...good night shadic*puts his tiny hand on his cheek*

Shadic: *smiles and pulls him closer*
The next morning...

Sonic: to tails!...

Tails: *sleeping in a branch wakes up suprised* WHAT THE HELL?!?!? How did I get up here?!?!?

Sonic: shadic put u there come on he's missing I checked at his home nobody was there....

Tails: *flyies down and flew after sonic* lets go find him...* running to eggs mans base*
Prt 8
Tails: don't cry shadic.... *puts his hand on his cheek* we r here...

Shadic: it's no use...he can never change!... *almost smacked tails with his huge hand*

Sonic: hey...becareful u could hurt him especially being that HUGE....

Shadic: sorry tails...and sonic it's that shadow makes me mad  sometimes that I get soooo! FUCKIN* PISSE* OFF OF HIM!!!!!! *grabs sonic hard and looks at him mad*

Sonic: S....shadic l...let me GO! Ur hurting me!....


Sonic: let me GO! *breathing heavily*

Tails: UR HURTING MY FRIEND Y...YOU MONSTER!!!! *attacks his hand and lets go of sonic and sonic gets hurt and breaks his arm*

Sonic: owe!!!what the hell shadic!!! Gwad I GOT A BROKEN ARM!!!

Shadic: I'm sorry I can control myself I just get mad all the time wen shadow or I mess up....

Sonic: it's ok just be more careful with me and my friend....
Prt 8
Sonic: AHHHH!!!!!

Tails: sonic?!?!? Where r u!!!
*flys away from shadic*

Shadic: U CAN FLY?!?!


Tails: yes...*looks at sees sonic* there over there COME ON!
*flys over there and shadic follows him to shadow and his small friend sonic*


Shadow: shadic?!?!? W-what r u DOINg here?!?!

Shadic: I'm here cuz ur hurting my friends and I don't like ur attitude!!!and the way ur treating MY FRIENDS!!!!
*pushes him to the ground*

Shadow: can u DO THIS TO ME!!!!

Shadic: I thought we where here to protect the human and hedgehog FAMILIES!!!!
*lets out tears and closes his eyes*

Shadow: I'm sorry shadic do u forgive me?...
*lending a hand to him*

Shadic: I'm done with u and I don't want to see u again...

*helps him up but dosent look at him and ran away with tails and sonic*

Tails: don't cry shadic we r here...*puts his hand on his cheek*
Prt 7
Tails: LETS GO!!!and don't call me A IDIOT!!!

Sonic: HELP!!!!

Tails: SONIC! *flys to get him but the dark figure smacks him to a tree*

Tails: ugh...S...sonic....

Sonic: TAILS!!!! *struggles*

Unknown voice: STOP STRUGGLING!!! I'm trying to help YOU!!!

Sonic: NO UR NOT!!!*kicks his hand really hard that he lets go of him and falls safely to the ground and took tails and hid them selfs from the ragging giant*

Sonic: yo wake up r u okay?....

Tails: wha?...what happened?...

Sonic it's nothing just that ur alive...

Tails: oh...where is the giant?...

Sonic: he's looking 4 us...

Unknown voice: COME OUT OF THERE U BLUE RAT!!!!

Sonic: shh! Stay quiet...

Tails: okay... *layed there in silence*

Sonic: stay here and be alert if ANYTHING happens...understood!

Tails: *nods at the same time* understood...

*sonic ran to fight the giant and to save amy*

Shadic: SHADOW!...god where is he?!...*runs and stomps his foot next to tails but didnt noticed that he was there*

Tails: peep....

Shadic: who's there?...*looks down* TAILS?!? I told u to stay at home! Why r u here! *stomps his foot at the ground again*


Shadic: he can't go alone he's going to die if he dose that lets go!...*picks up tails and ran to him*

Sonic: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: lets just wait....

*wakes up and looks out thru the giant window and saw that the moon was out and it was midnight*

Sonic: yo tails wake up...

Tails: wha?...*looks at sonic*

Sonic: lets go its night but be careful try to stay quiet....

*grabs tails wrist will tails is flying heavy sonic to the ground*

Tails: geez...lose some pounds man...

Sonic: shut-up tails...

*touches the ground and tails is gasping 4 air*

Sonic: oh shut-up it could get worst...

*tails looks at sonic frightened*

Sonic: buddy why r u scared?...

Tails: big!shoe!on top!!step!on!us!!!RUN!!!
*sonic looks up and runs and grabs tails wrist and the shoe barely missed them and runs after them outside*

Tails: I'm tierd im not meant 4 running sonic! *stops running and gets dark*

Sonic: LOOK OUT!!!*runs to him and dodges the shoe*

Sonic: u can fly U IDIOT!!!!

Tails: LETS GO!!! And don't CALL ME A IDIOT!!!!!
Prt 5
Tails: oh...

*turns to sonic and whispers in his ear*

Tails: how the hell r we going to get out of here?...

Sonic: I have a plan lets just stay 4 a night....

Tails: ugh!...r u serious!....*still whispering*

Sonic: why do u want to stay?....

Tails: yes and no....

Sonic what do u mean yes and no?!...said back to him harshly....

Tails: he saved my life and I should be thankful to him....*walks away from sonic and looks alittle sad and mad at sonic*

*sonic sights then hears unknown footsteps*

Shadic: shh...hide somewhere!*gets up and grabs them and puts them on the counter filled with huge giant jars*

Shadic: try to stay quiet....*leaves the room to speak with shadow*

Sonic: tails can u hear them talking?...

Tails: yes but cover me if anything happens....

Sonic: u got it bro and be careful up there...

Tails: I will!...*already flying in the sky*

Tails: *gets in the air vent and look through the little hole and saw shadic speaking with shadow* hmm...what r u two talking about and stays quiet...

Shadic: I think there's more out there...

Shadow: u IDOIT! How can we leave if we don't know any parts of the city!....

Shadic: oh...well I'm sorry and one more thing...

Shadow: OMG! What is it?...

Shadic: what about Amy she dumped u and u can get her she's really tiny but what r u going to do with her?...

Shadow: i aint telling u!...hmm....I think u might have a good point there....

Tails: oh on Amy's in trouble I better tell sonic....and quick!... *flyies out of the air vent and flyies to sonic*

Sonic: so what r they tailking about?

Tails: there going to get Amy!...

Sonic: shh!....they might hears us...

Tails: what r we going to 2?...

Sonic: lets just wait until night...*puts tails head on his lap and strokes his head softly* lets just wait....
Prt 4
Tails: what's ur name?...

Unknown voice: oh...I nevered mention my name to nobody smaller than me before...well my name is shadic and my other friend is shadow he's quite a....well lets say he dosent like nobody at all....

Tails: oh well that's nice to hear that...

Sonic: SO!....ur friend was the one who found us?....

Shadic: yes did he hurt u guys?...

Sonic: no...well alittle...ANYWAYS....he's quite familiar lookin' I think I saw him before with Amy...

Shadic: u know Amy?...*looks kinda suprised and confused*

Sonic: yes they were dating....

Shadic: SHHH!....don't say that loud or'll he'll kill u two...

Sonic: oh...sorry...

Tails: anyways can't we go back home?...

Shadic: nope...*closes his eyes and crossed his arms...

Tails: oh...
Prt 3